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Little League Heroes

Length: 129 pages2 hours


When Little League baseball players take the field nothing else matters. Who you are and where you come from is cast aside when these young 10 - 13 year old ballplayers hear the umpire cry out, "Play Ball." Can a little talent, lots of guts, and a dose of baseball sense allow these young players to become a team and make it a season to remember?

In this true to life story, a season of Little League baseball takes center stage in the lives of young 10 - 13 year old ball players. Michael cannot wait for the first game to begin but he recognizes some festering tension. Their ace pitcher has a fastball that sings, yet Carlos the catcher and Jake the right fielder want to clash when they should be clicking. What will it take for these young baseball players to set aside their differences? Can they do it in time with the big game approaching?

Young and courageous 10 -13 year old baseball players are taught valuable lessons in a magical summer that interjects into their personal lives the wonderful game called Little League baseball.

In the intersection of their lives with the game of Little League baseball will they be able to take home the biggest prize of all?

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