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Chronicles of Aria Prime, Episode One

Length: 99 pages1 hour


An Interstellar Tale of Survival...
The year is 2285 and it has been ten years since the bloody interstellar war with the Karakan Empire. Earth and her allies enjoy the peace, and an interstellar migration to colonize the galaxy is under way.
The PCS Trident, one of Earth’s heavy cruisers, is on her final voyage. The mission: transport equipment and colonists to the settlements on Alpha Ceres. On route, the Trident is viciously attack by Karakan battleships, disabling long range communications and faster than light drive. Stranded millions of miles from the nearest friendly outpost and without communications, all hoped seemed lost.
Colonel Christopher Nash, commander of the Trident, makes the bold decision to navigate his crippled vessel to Aria Prime, the only habitable planet within range. Not much is known about Aria Prime, but probe data suggest a primitive planet inhabited by a people stuck in the medieval era. Once on the planet surface, the crew and colonists of the Trident begin a struggle for survival. Everything is in short supply, and much of the advanced technology of the 23rd century has been rendered useless. As physical labor replaces mechanization, unrest grows.
Nash journeys to the nearest native settlement, where he befriends the diminutive tillers. Unfortunately, these people are under constant attack from a marauding race known as the drogs. Nash quickly puts an end to the drog’s looting, and offers the tillers protection in exchange for free trade and information on the local lands. The tillers agree, but will the offer be the catalyst which spawns a war in this medieval land?
Chronicles of Aria Prime is an edge-of-your-seat Sci fi thriller that blends a multitude of science fiction genre. The adventure begins as a tale of interstellar travel, but quickly morphs into a space opera. Once on Aria Prime, the story takes on elements of sci fi fantasy, and post-apocalyptic survival. This fast-paced novella is the first in the Chronicles of Aria Prime serial.

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