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The Witches at Hibbard Corners

Length: 295 pages4 hours


When fifteen-year-old Jennifer Wilson awoke in the middle of the night, she discovered that she was colder than she had ever been before – perhaps because her mother’s ghost was standing at the foot of her bed. That night her mother told her three things that would impact her young life: that her mother had died in a freak accident that night during a ritual performed on the late winter ice of Hibbard Pond; that she (Jennifer) was a witch like her mother; and that one of the three other “witches” who had participated in the ritual would try to kill her.
What her mother couldn’t tell her was that the ritual had awakened the Ice Bear, a spiritual being created by Gichi-Manidoo, the Great Spirit of the Chippewa. Together in an action packed adventure series, Jennifer and the Ice Bear would fight the forces of evil that threatened the tranquility and security of the environs of Hibbard Pond. In their first confrontation, they would discover an unexpected ally: The Witches of Hibbard Corners.

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