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There's No Such Thing As Ghosts, Right?

Length: 31 pages15 minutes


Have you ever thought about making a fun movie with a group kids but didn't have a script to work from?
'There's No Such Thing As Ghosts, Right?' is a fun script designed for 10 people. We made our movie with 6 females and 4 males, but the script can be adapted to work with your group.
This a a story about two girls and their mother who move into a home that can't seem to keep it's tenants. The other children in the neighborhood think the house might be haunted. The new girls befriend the neighborhood kids and when strange things begin happening at the new home, all of the children work together to investigate. They find out there isn't a ghost but rather two mischievous boys behind the pranks... Or perhaps there is a ghost after all!

I suggest downloading the PDF version for printing - Change the characters, merge, or add to adapt to your group.

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