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Joan of Arc and the God of the Bible: That Witch That Wasn't

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Editorial Review:
"Excellent work; nothing like it! Very interesting; FIVE stars (out of five). Having been an admirer of Joan of Arc for many years, this book interested me. I have seen no others like it. Excellent study of Joan in relationship to the Bible. He makes a very strong case for her being sent by God, using frequent Bible quotations to make his points. Easy to read and keeps your attention. Well researched, and written. If you are interested in either Joan or God, then I HIGHLY recommend this book.", an English book review organization

From the Author: For those looking for tangible and documented proof of the existence of God, Joan of Arc provides us a unique example. Of course, ultimately, we all make our own decisions about this. We can't put God in a test tube, and in the final analysis, it is God Himself who opens our eyes and hearts to Him. But having said that, her case should give us a great deal to think about and reflect on.

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