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The Story of Abby

Length: 266 pages5 hours


Abby lives in the small town she grew up in, in Northern New Hampshire. She was a single mom who feels jolted by her ex for leaving her young, pregnant and alone in college. Abby has taken the low road and not let him see his son and done it all on her own. One day she wakes up oblivious to how her life is about to change with one small chance meeting of a stranger who she thought was new to town her life was about to change forever. The unexpected lesson she gets before she even knows his story that will change the road she takes with her ex and teaches her how to understand there are always two sides to every situation. As the meetings become more and more so do the meetings with his ex-wife, who is known as the town Bully. She is hard on Abby and follows her ex everywhere he goes. Abby learns that one chance meeting can change her life forever for the good and the bad.

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