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Misadventures of the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Length: 230 pages3 hours


“Misadventures of the Most Beautiful Girl in the World” relates the comic adventures of a most singular girl. As our heroine Gold (Katharine) Garrison explains in the Prologue, “You may know of me through public accounts of my later years as a distinguished, refined, yet reclusive businesswoman of enormous fortune. While that characterization is correct, in essence, it is yet incomplete. That is who I became; it is not who I was, and it is but a shadow of who I am.” Misadventures,” then, is the story of who she really was and how she became that famous, iconic success.

Gold Garrison was born with devastating, Helen of Troy-like beauty, a “Most Beautiful Girl in the World” type beauty. But, as she says, “There are precious few in this world who understand that unique beauty is as much curse as blessing.” Gold’s peculiar curse is that her extraordinary, one of a kind beauty, and icy, charismatic presence intimidates boys and men, yet she is possessed with a craving for intimacy through a deep hormonal overload. Thus her desires are thwarted at every turn as she chases those who run from her, much as a child chases the bird which avoids being salted on its tail. Further leavening of the plot results as girls are also hopelessly attracted to the magnetic, delectable Gold Garrison. So what’s a girl to do?

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