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Slushy Tourette's

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Poems written in times of longing for that true love, the one that hits you so hard, that all you can think about is your love for that person and their love for you.
Mainly private reflections of how I was feeling, they range from the utter darkness of diagnosis of cancer to the extreme light that shines into my soul, having found true love.
After more than forty years of hiding my feelings, locking them away so deep that even my own mother thought I was bereft of expressing feeling, along comes someone whose very presence knocks down every single brick in the barriers, with a smile, a glint in the eye and an honesty that burns deep in your soul.
The time is right to put these emotional ramblings in some semblance of order, even though they follow no set logical pattern, just the mood of the moment.
I hope anyone who reads them will use them as an inspiration that love is there and sometimes just comes up and hits you when you least expect it.
Any profits from the sale of this collection of poems will go to Harrison’s Fund, a charity for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. All profits to go to that fund in order to find a cure for the condition.

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