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Genetic cliche

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In a world dominated by a human race genetically modified to advancement far beyond the Natural Order, one individual stands alone. Jotham Knightley is perfection made manifest – the product of a symbiotic relationship that results in truly animalistic qualities. Bred for the sole purpose of scientific advancement – the attainment of a perfect, virtually undying being – Jotham Knightley is bound by the course his modification has set. Just like everyone else. Bound by the genes chosen for him. Rejecting his perfect life – star student, athlete, musician – Jotham dons a mask and delves into the shadows that creep around the apparent perfection humanity has created. An alter ego surfaces during the night while his golden boy charm holds sway in the day, as Jotham takes the Law and justice into his own hands for what the human race has done to its people. When light and dark begin to blur, the good and the bad do too. Enter the mind of a killer. Enter the mind of a teenager fighting fate. Enter the mind of Jotham Knightley.

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