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The story of Ram is available in three hundred and fifty different languages of India and South East Asia. This book examines the different interpretations of the Ram Katha and attempts to go beyond the surface of the events mentioned to look at the deeper concept underlying it. The main subject i.e. the war between Ram and Rawan, is same but other descriptions vary greatly between the different versions. Due to lapse of thousands of years, difference in languages & areas such anomalies are quite natural. Therefore, Valmiki Ramayan has been taken as main base for this creation. The purpose of this creation, is not to justify the abandonment of Sita or slaying of Shambook, but only to analyze the life and character of Ram on the basis of available matter. Depending upon, available knowledge and capacity, I tried to clear the confusions regarding Ram. This creation is devoted to youth, who are fond of English and hate their own culture

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