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Keychain's Destiny

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The Purge of Magic was believed to have destroyed all that was magical.

When the Black Army arose to power, there was no way to stop them. Their armor repelled anything that was fired at them. They struck fear into the land. With no way to stop them, people stopped fighting back. They hid away but only to be discovered again. Randy, a young man who was brought back to life by his sister and the use of magic, but at the cost of his own sister's life, takes matters into his own hands. However, he is defenseless against the slaughter that is caused by the Black Army. He turns to the same source as his sister, but he himself is unable to use magic. With a very complex GPS device, Randy is able to pinpoint one magical person, a young sorceress who has no clue how to use her powers.

Keychain is different. She is the only one in her whole town that has red hair. Locked away from the outside world, the gene pool didn't seem to offer the red color. Not only that, but she knew she was different. The Elders knew she was different. She no longer wanted to stay in the village that would ultimately be her undoing. Before she can make the proper arrangements to leave, the Black Army destroyed her home and place she felt safe.

Now, with nowhere to go, Keychain must learn how to use her own powers. She must learn to fight back. Keychain must aquire allies, like Aqua--a female assassin who ends up being pulled into a cross fire between Keychain and the Black Army--and adapt her powers to every situation. The key to unlocking her strength relays on her learning of the past and finding the truth, for it is Keychain's destiny to shine a new light on the fears of magic.

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