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One Week to Win Him Back

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Dameon and Corrine met and fell in love. He was everything that Corinne wanted in a lover and partner. Then, his ex-girlfriend, Sarina, moved back. So, when Dameon left her for Sarina, Corinne fell apart.

The days are long and hard to get through. Corinne has never felt so lost. She realizes she wants him back. Surely Dameon could not decide seemingly overnight to give up what he had with Corinne.

Before Dameon broke up with her for Sarina, Corinne knew he would be spending the summer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina completing an internship. Even though Corinne was completely devastated when Dameon left her for pink-lipped, long, silky haired, model-slim, fair-skinned former ex-girlfriend, Sarina, she is determined to rekindle what she and Dameon once had. She plans a week-long vacation with her best friend, Tami, at the Atlantica.

She's giving herself one week. One week to win Dameon's love back!

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