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Love Eternal: Paranormal Vampire Witch Romance Book (Witch's Vampire Series, #3)

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Love Eternal: Paranormal Vampire Witch Romance Book

Witch’s Vampire Series #3

This paranormal vampire witch romance book revolves around Arit who has been lurking in the dark for the love of his life. Arit, a long lost prince from another time is about to reunite with Sheena, an immortal witch who had turned Arit into a blood thirsty vampire. Though his affection remains, it is buried beneath hurt and resentment as he believes that Sheena betrayed him long ago.

Sheena, believes the same of him, and as a result, they have not seen each other for generations.

Arit has been summoned by a gathering of Sheena's creations, a group of vampires that are determined to destroy her. Now, he will have to decide whether his fury over the past, or the love he tries so desperately to forget, will dictate his actions. He is torn between his desire for love and his desperation for revenge as he is thrust into the role of seeking out Sheena.

Sheena has been as vibrant as ever, and her heartbreak over Arit drives her to create vampire after vampire. She harvests their youth and vitality to prolong her life. She is determined to find the true love that has always evaded her, the love that she thought she had found in Arit.

As emotions become wild in this short story packed with passion and rage, in the end, will true love overcome? Arit is not the only one with a score to settle. He is being stalked by a ghost from his past as well. Will Sheena's creations be able to defeat her, once and for all, and end her bloody reign?

Expect this short vampire witch romance book of around 10,500 words to be a fast but fun read.

If you haven’t yet, please grab the first two series Bloodhound and Evil Charm of the Witch's Vampire series to fully grasp the entire story and make your reading experience complete and truly satisfying.

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