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Canine Atopy and How to Reboot Your Allergic Dog's Health

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Canine atopy can be a most distressing allergic condition, equally for your itchy-scratchy-sad dog and for you. There are few conditions that have so many different treatment options and approaches as canine atopy or atopic dermatitis. And the responses to these treatments are just as varied and individual.
Get the information you need to navigate your way back to a position of control over your best friend’s health and well-being.
Find out about the flare triggers, the clinical diagnosis process and the treatment options, in both the conventional and complementary medicine realms.
Learn about taking charge of what your pet eats by switching to an all-natural home-prepared diet and see your dog return to glowing health.
Best of all, take charge of your dog’s long-term health to minimise your vet bills and maximise the joy of pet ownership, while taking advantage of the make-at-home remedies and treatments and other first-line-of-defence strategies for dog lovers on a budget.

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