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Loving My Cat

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Physically and emotionally scarred by a devastating illness at sixteen, Dr. Catherine Mills vows to never let a man close enough to hurt her, but when Steve Lawrence rescues her from a would-be rapist, the wall around her heart cracks. She is drawn to him, but fears his scorn when he learns her secrets.
Lonely and alone, Steve yearns for an emotional connection and the happiness his friends have found, but fears the secrets in his past may condemn him to a lifetime of loneliness. Catherine takes his breath away. Initially he has hope, but after she rebuffs his attentions, he backs off, disappointed. When she shows up at his door hysterical, hope blooms again. Will Catherine overcome her fear and take a chance on love with Steve? Will revealing her secret cause him to turn away leaving her devastated again? Will the secrets in Steve’s past end their relationship before it has a chance to develop?

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