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Beneath the Stars (Book 2)

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In the second series of novellas, Beneath the Stars, An Astral Realm Series Book 2 follows the continuing relationship between Darcy St. Clair and Nash Burke.

As they begin to embark on a reunion, Nash has obligations overseas. Once again, their love is tested by distance and a newcomer by the name of Larson Nichols, a hot high powered entertainment lawyer and old high school flame of Darcy's. When they meet again sparks begin to fly. Darcy and Larson both struggle with relationships as tragedy brings them closer and a life long bond forms.

This epic journey spans the globe from the quiet seaside town of Capitola, California to the exotic regions of Bangkok, Thailand back to the high tech world of Silicon Valley.

You will be thrust into a world of steamy romance, suspense, and corporate espionage.

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