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4 Family Romances Book Bundle

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Special value: 4 full-length, heartwarming romances featuring kids and holidays, by the best-selling author of more than 95 novels.

In A Warm December, wealthy executive Dave Anders isn’t veterinarian Merrie McGregor’s type, even though he does make a cute Santa Claus. But she’ll agree to a fake engagement if that’s what it takes to give her young niece a home.

By Leaps and Bounds: At the height of Kerry Guthrie’s success as a ballerina, an accident cut short her career. Now she’s on her feet again, teaching young dancers and hoping for a comeback. Then she clashes with the policeman father of her 15-year-old star student, and feels a new kind of spark.

Old Dreams, New Dreams: Young widow Emma Lindt is finally making good on her goal of becoming a hairdresser to the stars. Then she runs into former classmate Eric Jameson, the heartthrob voted most likely to succeed, who’s put his own ambitions on hold until now. Can their dreams expand to include a surprise baby?

The Trouble With Terry: He’s the perfect fun-loving daddy for Christmas, but Karen’s children aren’t sure they can love a man who’s buying their beloved Victorian home. And after her disappointing marriage, Karen doubts the magic of the holiday season can survive real life.

For her 101st novel, USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond launches the Safe Harbor Medical® mystery series with The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet. A former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist, Jackie has sold mysteries, medical romances, Regency romances and romantic comedies to a range of publishers. To be sure you never miss a sale or a new release, sign up for her free newsletter at her website,

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