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Evil Charm: Paranormal Vampire Witch Romance Book (Witch's Vampire Series, #2)

Length: 48 pages1 hour


Evil Charm: Paranormal Vampire Witch Romance Book

Witch’s Vampire Series #2

In this adventurous paranormal vampire witch romance tale of unlikely love, you are invited on a journey beyond the boundaries of mortality. Here, the love of an immortal witch, Sheena, will be won by the innocence of a young prince, Arit. True love cannot be owned, it cannot be created. It must be given willingly. But betrayal often follows close behind.

Arit discovers as he journeys from the life of a mortal prince, to the life of a vampire, that he has been given the gift of paradise. He is swept up in a love affair that he could never have imagined, and enjoys every moment of it.

Sheena cannot help but wonder if his love is genuine, as she has been betrayed many times in the past. She is just as enamored with Arit as he is with her, something that had never happened to her before. She hopes that she has finally found the true love of her life, who can share eternity with her.

Their pleasure knew no limits as they engaged in a torrid expression of their passion for each other. Love may prevail, but what will happen when jealousy rears its ugly head? Will Sheena's heart be broken once more? Is Arit simply spellbound? Will their love survive the test of time? Find out when you dive into this sensuous read.

Expect this short paranormal vampire-witch romance story to be a fast but fun read.

Be sure to grab the “Bloodhound - Witch’s Vampire Series 1” before you dive into this. And then, cap this series with the third and last one, “Love Eternal,” for a more complete and satisfying reading experience!
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