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Bloodhound - Jennifer Lee Scott

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Chapter 1. A Vampire Born

Sheena stretched out before him, her long hair pooling across her faintly tanned body as she gazed up at him with a come-hither smile.

Vladimir did not have to be beckoned. Every time he looked at Sheena he wondered how he had ever convinced such a beautiful woman to take pity on him. He was handsome himself, with a strong muscular build and cropped brown hair that accented his cinnamon eyes. But she was something the stars were made from.

As they engaged in yet another torrid evening, he found himself vowing to never leave her. Sheena smiled against his cheek as she gazed beyond him and up at the ceiling. Finally she had found a man that was worthy of her, a man whose loyalty would not be questioned.

The next morning she dressed quickly. With a longing glance in Vladimir’s direction she left him slumbering in her satin sheets. Over the time they had spent together, she had become convinced that he would be loyal to her, even if she revealed the truth. Still, she was frightened that if she did so without first binding him to her, he might change his mind. So as she left her home and began walking through the nearly empty streets of the sleepy town, she knew that this morning she would finally make the change. She had harvested what she needed from Vladimir and was eager to start the process. She hoped to get to the shop she ran before the rest of the town began to bustle about, but already she could hear the sounds of the residents stirring.

The town of Westlin itself was tiny and picturesque. It was a place where people lived and commuted to work in the nearby city. It boasts of a quaint town square with unique little stores, each offering a different kind of item. Her shop offered the mysterious, which it indicates in its name, Ancient Secrets. Not everyone in the town appreciated it, but it made no difference to her. She chose these types of towns to spend a few years in, and then move on. No one got to know her too well, and though they often had many questions, they did not dare to ask them. The shop was only a cover for her spell casting and a storage space for her mystical supplies. She had an abundance of generations of wealth that sustained her without the need for additional income. But it was nice to have a place where she could enjoy whipping up a spell or two when she had a desire for something or someone

This morning she was ready to prepare the final spell that would solidify Vladimir to her, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. She had waited this long so that she could be certain he was the right person. Now as she began to mix together the ingredients for the spell, she had no hint of doubt in her mind.

Vladimir had heard Sheena leave so quickly. He pretended to still be sleeping but as soon as she was out the door, he dressed and followed her. Despite their extremely sensual, physical relationship, she had never let him close enough to know her very well. He suspected she was involved in an affair, or perhaps that all she wanted from him was what he already gave to her.

He paused at the street corner and watched as she entered her shop. It sold various new age items and some things that were Wiccan oriented. He had never noticed too many customers go inside, and yet Sheena spent a lot of her time there. He noticed as he crept closer that she did not hang the open sign on the door.

He reached out and tried to open it, but it would not budge. She had it locked.

Inside the store, Sheena was adding the final few ingredients to her spell as she hummed a subtle tune beneath her breath. She was eager to cement this relationship and guarantee Vladimir’s subservience to her.

Outside the door, Vladimir began picking the lock. He