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MailTo: An Escort, part 4

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This is the final part of my collection of initial contacts from that first phase of escorting, in a small town three and a half hours away from any “nearby Bigcity” of more than 100k. As with the previous parts, names have been fictionalized as well as other potentially identifying specifics, but everything else (jobs, original writing, etc.) has been left intact. I couldn’t believe how many men sent face pictures of themselves (ofcourse, those are not included nor even noted!).

I’ve left out the one line notes from guys who already wrote me and who I refused to see. “Can I see u” is probably redundant enough from several, much less the same 5 guys emailing me 20 times. I’ve left in the longer and creepier notes. A few you can probably guess might be from law enforcement. I always screened and stayed true to my gut, and never had issues.

I really didn’t know what I was doing when I started escorting. These emails are from about my 6th month when I changed things again... it seems that I got the longest and most interesting introductions when I had a blog up, but alot of those guys also never made bookings and became demanding email pals. The blog was like a double edged sword - guys would read alot into it and become intrigued but at the same time it attracted many who were too emotionally needy, clingy, and downright creepy....

...These introductions are the documentation and introduction of who I was at that time.

I hope that my documenting the general statistics of who I saw, the reasons they gave for seeking an escort service, and whatever else can be read into them... is helpful for those who seek to study prostitution in America more academically. I don’t know of any studies which have been done on men traveling within the USA for sex, nor ANY studies on prostitution dynamics in small towns, nor *why* men seek escorts (not streetwalkers- that population is heavily studied!).

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