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The Bar

Length: 142 pages2 hours


Welcome, come on in and take a seat at The Bar. Order your beer and watch the goings-on. Meet Ben the ex-pat teacher who's new friend is alcohol since the death of his girlfriend. Slowly throughout the day and night get introduced to the regulars of The Bar. Listen to their stories, Joseph the barman, Barbara the prostitute, Sam the owner, George the doctor and many more. Watch the ladies of the night at work, the beggars coming in to look for a few coins, even the dogs take refuge during the storms. Smell the aroma of chicken, fish, and anything else they can cook on the street barbecues outside. Find your way to the pit, a very important if not unusual part of The Bar. Being plunged into darkness is a regular routine, nobody seems to complain, after all electricity is a luxury, not a necessity. Spending the day and night here will not be wasted, it may make you think about others, not just yourself.

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