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Get Stuffed (Men of Basketball, #1)

Length: 95 pages1 hour


John Reed, superstar rookie, is drafted onto a pro basketball team straight out of college. His stunning good looks ensure every girl in town is throwing themselves at him, but, despite being straight, he doesn't find himself attracted to any of them.

When John is introduced to his new team, he finds himself immediately drawn to broody veteran, Michael Grant. Michael takes John under his wing and shows him the fun side of being a wealthy professional basketball player. But as the two of them grow closer, John can't make sense of the strange feelings and anxiousness he gets around Michael. Their lingering eye contact and the bolts of pleasure he gets when Michael strips down are so confusing to him.

After one practice, Michael drags him out to a gay bar and as the alcohol flows, things begin to get heated. But when pictures of the two of them together leak, they are forced to face the scrutiny of public opinion and deal with coming out in a masculine, heterosexual based sport.

NOTE: Steamy sex scenes and curse words. 18+

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