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Rocked On the Road - Clara Bayard

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Rocked On the Road

By Clara Bayard

Rocked Series, #2

Copyright © 2013 by Clara Bayard

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About this book

Running towards her future?

Liss is leaving everything she knows behind for an adventure with sexy rock front man Joe Hawk. Life on the road is wild and intoxicating, a constant party that ends every night with laughter and passion.

Or just running away?

But when the plus sized beauty finds herself falling in love with Joe but out of love with his lifestyle, she has to decide who she wants to be and where that leaves her budding relationship.

Under the bright light of fame a spark of love can glow or fade to nothingness.


My bag had barely hit the floor before he was on me.

God, I missed you. He hugged me tight, long fingers squeezing my butt.

I laughed. It's only been two days, Joe.

Two very long days. He kissed my neck, sucking on the skin above where my pulse pounded. I almost died from loneliness.

Uh-huh. Poor you, all alone with your band and manager and groupies and interviews and paparazzi and- My list making ended abruptly when I noticed Joe was only wearing a towel and the part of him swelling between us proved how much he really had missed me. His hands made their way down the back of my jeans. The gentle scrape of his calloused fingers on my bare skin took every thought out of my mind, leaving only desire.

Joe kissed me hungrily, sucking at my lips and tongue as if he'd been starved for the taste of me. I sank into the warm heat of his mouth and let my hands roam his body, relearning the long, lean muscles and all the places that made him groan.

I yanked the towel free and let it fall to the floor. Joe pulled back just long enough to lift my shirt off, throwing it to the other end of the room, where it would no doubt join an already massive pile of his clothes on the floor. We were going to need to have a conversation about his excessively slobbish ways, but now – with his tongue snaking inside my bra towards a nipple – was really not the time.

I bit my lip and arched my back as he sucked my nipple into his mouth, teasing the stiffening nub with his teeth. I fumbled to remove my bra completely and he helped brush the straps from my shoulders without releasing me from his mouth.

My whole body warmed under his touch and I rushed to unbutton my jeans.

Why are you wearing so many clothes? he asked, voice silky and low.

Why aren't you wearing any?

Joe grinned, his dazzlingly blue eyes flashing. I'd planned to get all clean and fresh-smelling for you but I overslept. So now you'll just have to join me in the shower and lend a hand.

I glanced down at his erection and raised an eyebrow. Are you sure getting clean is what you have in mind?

Clean, dirty, whatever. I just need to you to be naked and with me.

My mind went briefly to a vision of my chubby naked body next to his sleek one under the bright bathroom lights and I frowned.

I know what that face means and stop it. You're beautiful and perfect in this room, in a shower, everywhere.

And from the way his eyes blazed over my skin, I believed him, and relented. Fine. But make it quick. I've been waiting to get back in your bed for days.

Yes, ma'am. We just need to get you out of the rest of these clothes. Together we managed to stumble into the bathroom, groping and stripping me, without falling down.

I took a moment to watch him move and sighed. Joe Hawk was art in motion. Tall and strong, his naturally bronze skin gleamed. Muscles all down his body flexed as he moved and I couldn't resist grabbing a handful of his tight round butt.

Joe looked over his shoulder at me, mouth open wide, pretending to be scandalized. He laughed and gripped my hand tighter, pulling me forward faster. We made it to the shower and he turned it on, soaking us both under the hot spray.

But the heat of the shower was nothing compared to the fire that flared to life in me when Joe put his hands and lips and tongue on me. If I'd had any thought that he was really concerned with getting clean, it would have disappeared as he pushed me against the glass wall, sliding one of his legs between mine.

I sighed with pleasure, my body coming alive under his touch. It had only been a few days since we'd been together last but every inch of me missed him.

Joe cupped my breasts, lifting them as water sluiced down over my shoulders. The tiny drops enhanced the sensation of his skin against mine and my nipples pebbled tightly. At this, he made a happy sound and leaned down to kiss each one.

I closed my eyes and surrendered to the moment as steam filled the shower and Joe lavished my breasts with loving attention. His mouth and fingers traced every bit of my