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The Boy Who Cried Wolf (The Tommy Black Shifter Series, #3)

Length: 52 pages35 minutes


In the sexy and thrilling final book of The Tommy Black Shifter Series, Tommy faces the biggest forces of his time… love, life, and self... all which could be lost forever by a new, dangerous threat.

Tommy Black is recants the story of how he learned to shift for the first time. As a small boy he discovered his abilities and used them to run away from his terrible foster family. On the streets, Tommy met a kind witch who took him into her home to raise as her own.

Flashing back to the present time, Tommy continues with his usual life of lawbreaking and seducing attractive guys. However, this time around, he starts to feel remorseful. Just as Tommy begins to think of a way to change his life, he discovers that he is being hunted by something monstrous.

The Tommy Black Shifter Series is an action packed, hot m/m shifter romance with plot twists to keep you wanting more.

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