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Flute Essentials: What You Need To Succeed

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About Flute Essentials Book I
Taking up music is a fun and exciting hobby. It is something that absolutely anyone can do. It does not require "talent" as many people think, and it comes with many physical and mental health benefits. The myth about needing talent comes about when players choose the wrong type of flute to use. Music becomes tiring and difficult, and progress is very slow.
The way to obtain a good flute can often seem expensive and out of reach.
Flute essentials focuses on how to obtain an appropriate flute at the best price. There are a number of ways to finance a flute purchase, and a number of facts that you should know about choosing flutes.
Each chapter introduces the whys and the hows of these aspects and ends each section by summing up the information with a "best" recommendation along with a good alternative or two that will save you money, and still help you to achieve your goals.

Book Contents

Flute Essentials is written in a concise and easy-to-read format. The chapters include the following information:

Beginning on Flute
This chapter delves into the starting age for playing the flute, flutes for children, and the options that are available for adults.

Researching Flutes
This chapter presents and explains the jargon that you will encounter with flutes. Forums and other discussion sites can make this aspect seem complicated, but there is really not a lot to it. Discover it here.

Flute Brands
Here you can find out which flute brands are the ones to go for, as well as the reasons why you should avoid low quality flutes.

Avoiding Lemons
How commonly will you find a lemon? One in twenty flutes? One in Five? Actually, it is so common that some factories produce flutes where almost every single one is a lemon. Find out what types of problems a poor flute will cause you.

Deciding on Finances
There are a number of options available to you for your purchase. Most people work to a budget. The information provided here can make the price of a flute work in with your needs.

Shopping Wisely
Find out what services and deals are out there to save you money and support you in your musical journey. These tips can save you hundreds of dollars over a couple of years.

Important People in Your Flute Life
Here, you will find out about the network of people that you will eventually work with, whether you want them or not! Find out how they can be of service to you while you are starting out.

Six-Step Buying Checklist
Based on the information you will have already read, this section provides a brief run through the steps you should take in obtaining a flute, in order of importance.

Caring for the Flute
Even if you think you are being careful, you may be slowly accumulating hundreds of dollars of damage. Discover the best way to care for the flute.

Where To From Here? - Getting the most from the flute
Now that you have a good working flute, there are a number of other factors that will help you to succeed in music. The importance of your surroundings and influential people is often underestimated.

General Information
This section briefly introduces various pieces of odd information that you may never think to ask about, but are helpful to know.

Questions and Answers
Find the answers to a few questions here, and feel free to ask your own, either through this website, or through the contact information included at the end of this book.

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