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Doubting Thomas-Nurse Hal Among The Amish

Length: 238 pages3 hours


Emma Lapp is marrying Adam Keim. Excitement prevails as Emma and her step-mother, Hallie, discuss details for the wedding. Soon Emma's excitement turns to dread. Nothing is going right. She planned on the former teacher to substitute teach for a month. She didn't plan on Ellen Miller being eight months pregnant with twins. Who else could Emma trust to teach her students? The Weber sisters are in a family upheaval over their cooking and garden methods. She wants them to bake her wedding cake. What if they get so upset with each other the cake doesn't get made? Emma would like to discuss her worries with Adam, but he hasn't been to see her for days. She is consumed by worries about the missing husband-to-be. What if he wants to back out of marrying her? She asks everyone what is Adam doing? The answer is always, he is very busy. When Emma found out Adam hired pretty, man magnet, Priscilla Tefertiller to clerk in his furniture store, she suspects Adam has developed a fondness for Priscilla. Is he going to wait until the last minute to tell Emma he changed his mind about marrying her? A talk with Bishop Bontrager didn't help. He sided with Adam, telling Emma she should trust the man she's going to marry with blind faith. She said she couldn't do that. The bishop told Emma if she couldn't trust Adam now, she might never trust him. Perhaps, they shouldn't get married. The bishop called Emma a Doubting Thomas. Will her worries get so bad she'll call off the wedding before the wedding is published at the worship service? If she does, she fears she will forever be a maidel who is know by others as a Doubting Thomas.

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