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Silver Lining

Length: 162 pages1 hour


Abducted by white slavers.

Danya Morrison becomes a mail-order bride when she escapes a life of forced prostitution. Two men capture her when she walks home from work late one night. They leave her locked in a second-story room in an abandoned house, but she escapes through the window. Fearing to return to her boarding house, she answers an ad in a discarded newspaper and within days leaves New York City for the plains of Kansas. Surely even marriage to a man she’s never met would be better than the danger awaiting her in the city.

Matthew Turner hasn’t told his family and friends what happened to him three years ago. They also don’t tell him they’ve ordered him a mail-order bride until she arrives without warning. Matt might not object to their surprise except he can’t marry Danya or ever find happiness in marriage. Not after what he did. And he can’t stand by and watch the woman he admires more every day find marital happiness with the preacher. Not when he desires his own happiness with Danya.

He can’t marry Danya, and she can’t go back. Just when their problems seem beyond solving, another surprise enters their lives bringing more complications and a possible answer. Surely, they’ll find the silver lining in this latest cloud.

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