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Kirwan's Son

Length: 425 pages6 hours


Only the death of a good man can save the human and Fey worlds.

Stories—that's all they are. Passed down from generation to generation of Kirwans, the stories tell of the pact between the Kirwan ancestor and the Fey King Fin Bheara. But the stories are real and when the call comes, all four Kirwan siblings go to Fin Bheara’s aid to help free the Fey.

In a world of tortured tree nymphs and madness, the Fey king needs only one Kirwan, the eldest son, to save the trapped Fey, but all four Kirwans become pawns in the struggle for power between Seelie and Unseelie.

The Kirwans will risk everything—love, honor, and life—in the name of an oath taken centuries earlier, but will it be at the cost of spreading the Fey war to their own world?

About Emma Faraday:

Emma Faraday spent her childhood rambling from one small Quebec town to another, following her father and the construction trade. Since then, she’s worked as a bartender, a jewelry store clerk and a copywriter. Today she lives in Northern Canada and does not work in construction although she is pretty handy with a hammer. Her short stories can be found on Falcon Ridge Publishing. Watch for her next fantasy novel Obeah, coming in March 2012.

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