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Meant to Be Together Complete Series

Length: 1,094 pages16 hours


The Meant to Be Together Series is a tender and heartwarming, multigenerational family saga about relationships, love and life.

Book 1, Finding a Soul Mate, is told predominantly from Meyer’s point of view, beginning at four years of age. The reader is invited to follow the events that shaped Meyer’s, his family's, and his friends’ lives. Through their childhoods in the Northwest, personal tragedy, college, an illegitimate birth, and a tour in Vietnam, we learn how they coped with tragedy, and still managed to find their soul mate. Editorial Review: Alan has woven a tender and heartwarming yarn that catches the essence of the concept of Bashert (meant to be) and readers will no doubt be nudged to have a good look at their own lives where meant to be may have played a pivotal role. Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Bookpleasures.
Book 2, The Couples, proves that the bond of family is not about blood – it is about taking care of each other. When childhood sweethearts are separated by personal tragedy and the Vietnam War, they must overcome feelings of fear and doubt while trying to heal each other or face a future of loneliness and separation. Amazon verified purchaser reviews: Richard does it again with another “feel good” story about love, family, and life lessons. He does an excellent job of weaving in characters that started in his first book...but here they have grown into adults. Looking for a nice read that leaves you...feeling positive, check out The Couples. You won’t be disappointed. 5 stars

Book 3, Finding Each Other, is a poignant continuation of the family saga that began with young Meyer Minkowski. Meyer and his wife Joan watch and counsel the next generation as they search to find themselves, their careers, and their life partners. A murder takes place, forever changing the trajectory of Jonah’s life and that of close relatives who are also forced to venture into harm’s way. With faith, family, and each other, they endure. Editorial Review: Richard Alan succeeds again in writing not only a touching story of relationships, but also includes intrigue, exciting action, and danger. Think—Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult meet J.A.Vance.

Book 4, Growing Together, continues to expand our understanding of the challenges and joys of love, friendship, and family as experienced through the lives of characters we have come to love and cherish. Editorial Review: Lovers of contemporary family sagas will enjoy Growing Together, the fourth and final novel in the “Meant to Be Together” series by Richard Alan.

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