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All the King's Horses: Book One: Aftermath

Length: 698 pages11 hours


The End of the World. What will it be like? All the great prophets wrote about it, but what did they say? The prophecies are difficult to follow. Through the millennia they have been translated over and over, drifting farther and farther from the original language. By now, most are downright mysterious. Were they meant to be mysterious or is the mystery more our fault than theirs? Extensive research and study have converted those writings into a description in clear language with no wishful thinking about any safety for anyone, certainly not for the elect. How many times in recorded history has God protected the righteous? Aren’t His followers usually the victims of purges and pogroms, lynchings and terrorism? Hasn’t there always be an organized eradication of the faithful, going all the way back through Auschwitz, the Colosseum and Golgotha to Job and Able?

The last days are near. All the Kings Horses is a kind of historical fiction. It describes those days in plain language, based on three things, the prophecies, modern trends and the history of God’s dealings with man—and like all such stories, Horses is good news laced with all kinds of trouble. How will good people find each other in the chaos? How will they protect one another when all the governments have collapsed? What will the heroes of those days be like, and what is it in some men and women that enables them to endure hardship and rise above it to become walking miracles? What happens when all the king’s horse and all the king’s men cannot put it back together again?

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