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Shadowy Stillness

Length: 426 pages6 hours


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction...
The only thing that Meri Halsin wants to be is normal. Something that is hard to do when the family business is to keep track of things that go bump in the night. Worse yet, an ancient family curse called the Halsin Legacy, has marked her to be the next victim. The only way Meri can escape the curse is to find the one warrior able to defeat the madman behind the curse.
Sometimes the nightmares never go away...
Will Moregan is often haunted by what he considers his biggest failure in life. Swearing to never let the same thing happen again, he has dedicated his immortal Vampyric life to protecting the world from the true evil out there. When a strange turn of events leads him to find out about Meri Halsin and her predicament, he swears to defend her no matter what; even if that means facing his failure head on.
Hope is often the only thing left...
As the curse unravels, both Meri and Will are challenged with the madness of an ancient evil at work. An evil that has been festering for thousands of years, and with legions of minions who are hell bent on destroying them.
With few to trust, Meri and Will must race against time to find their only true salvation, so they can defeat the evil before it can plunge the world in darkness.

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