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Anansi And The Magic Drum

Length: 39 pages32 minutes


One day, without telling his family where he was going, Anansi set out to go and look for the magic drum and the Ogre’s cave. Anansi walked and walked until he came to the spot where he and his son, Ntikuma last rested and decided to rest there again for the sun to go down a bit before continuing. After resting, Anansi set out to look for the clearing where Ntikuma saw the fallen palm tree, which he found after hours of searching. Anansi then proceeded to look for some palm kernels but could find none. However, knowing that he would need them, Anansi brought his own palm kernels from home. He searched and searched but could not find any hole in the ground. It was getting late and dark so Anansi looked for a suitable place to spend the night but before falling off to sleep, he decided to consult a few friends who lived nearby to see if they know where the Ogre’s cave was.

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