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The Wicked

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Charles Michael Bryant--Charlie-bear to his parents--is nine months old and suffers from that age-old and worrisome condition known as colic. The doctors say he'll grow out of it. His father, Sam, wishes he would go ahead and do so...and his mother, Faith, just wants a good night's sleep.
It isn't gas that is keeping Charlie-bear awake, nor is it heartburn, reflux or a wet diaper. Charlie-bear has drawn the attention of Wicked...a nasty, nightmarish character who moves as a shadow, speaks only in rhyme and steals the souls of children. He is a monster which uses his wicked talents to create more himself.
As Charlie-bear's symptoms grow worse, his father begins to believe something else is wrong. Something a doctor cannot cure...and there's a crazy vagrant who shows up in Sam's driveway that might just prove him right.

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