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The Chelsea Gang: Safety is Everything

552 pages9 hours


In the most intense book yet in this series, danger is lurking behind every corner as various members of the Chelsea gang and their families are targeted for attack by those who wish them harm. The Chelsea gang finally learns what happened to put their dear friend Taylor in the hospital a few years earlier, and they barely have time to grapple with that information before being deluged with other traumas. The gang takes risks, they scheme, and they take extraordinary measures to protect their friends. The New York City police help as much as they can, but the life or death of the gang members will ultimately depend entirely on them protecting each other and themselves. Jackson's leadership, Taylor's extraordinary gifts and resources, Salve's exceptional computer skills, Mick's protection training, and the Chelsea gang's loyalty to each other and their willingness to put their lives on the line for their friends each play an indispensable role in their fight for survival.

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