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A Hard Man to Forget

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Summary her husband?
Laura Morgan spent two years searching for the truth about her past, ever since the brutal attack that robbed her of her memory and her identity. But just when she’d nearly given up on ever finding answers, she found herself captured by a tall, dark stranger who claimed she was his wife.

Three years ago, Simon Randall’s wife Meredith mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Nearly everyone believed she was dead, drowned in the dark waters of the lake behind their home, her body never recovered. Only Simon believed she was still alive, and when he found Laura, he was convinced he'd been right.

Determined to get the truth, he swept her away to his isolated home. Simon struck a chord in her unlike any man she could remember, but was she his wife? The more she learned, the more she began to wonder if this was a life she would want to remember, especially when the attempts on her life began. Someone wanted Meredith to stay dead permanently this time--and the only person Laura could turn to was her "husband."

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