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The Art and Yoga of Touch: Another Path to Peace

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Healing is an inside job!

Consider this: If people received compassionate, therapeutic touch every day, could the anxiety and abuse that happens in the world be mitigated?

"The Art and Yoga of Touch: Another Path to Peace" explores the many benefits of mindful touch for our health and well-being and asserts that we can realize greater peace and calm through observing our inner world, as well as the intricacies of our breath, how we use both the forces of gravity and anti-gravity, and how we naturally move in patterns of waves and spirals.

Coming from the perspective that physical and emotional pain too often closes and tightens our bodies so that our movements become unnatural, "The Art and Yoga of Touch" includes detailed instructions for nine therapeutic SOMA Yoga exercises that have been designed to increase your somatic mindfulness, your ability to give and receive compassionate touch, and your overall sense of peace. The book also includes links to videos that feature the author, Dr. Paula, demonstrating each of these wonderful exercises.

Touch and movement awareness exercises move you into places where you can discover and explore realms beyond even what you thought could not be physically changed.

When we connect more deeply with our own body, and the bodies of others, with loving intention and attention, we experience and know that we belong in this world and we are not alone.

Exposed to a world of regular compassionate, loving touch how could anyone do harm?

Listen with love to your body’s messages: healing is an inside job.

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