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House of Shame: There Was a House, #4

268 pages4 hours


There Was a House saga is a gripping story about a very real crime taking place all around us.

Set in the dark, depraved world of sex-trafficking, this gritty, continuing psychological thriller and drama tells the story of six victims and their hope for revenge and redemption.

Book Four (Conclusion): House of Shame


Phoenix and Jamie have been plotting to devastate her captor and destroy his brothel of under-aged sex-trafficking victims ever since arriving at Rêve. But the beating he recently gave fans the flames of hatred into a firestorm. Now, to their delight, plans to accomplish exactly what they’ve been hoping for are in place—and the results will be brutal. Even better, every depraved man using them for sex will be revealed for what they are to their family, friends, and business associates.


They know the plans must play out flawlessly. Any unforeseen glitches will likely mean not only an end to escape, but of their very lives. However, perfection seldom exists. Something is bound to go wrong.


And when it does, Jamie will be left wondering if he’s just signed their death warrants.

Sometimes all you have is hate. Sometimes that’s enough.

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