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Adventures in Anaesthesia

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“As the anaesthetist sedated the patient, secured
the airway and sited the drip I had struggled to
insert, the seizure stopped and the chaos turned to
calm. As order was restored I breathed a sigh of
relief. And gratitude. And something else: I too,
wanted to be like that”.
Inspired to become an anaesthetist, Dr May
embarks on a training programme to fulfil her
dream. At first it's hard: the drugs are new, the
equipment unfamiliar and no-one told her the exam
was mostly physics. She has to learn fast to gain
the skills required to treat the patients and deal with
the surgeons as she learns that putting patients to
sleep is the easy part, waking them up is much
more difficult.
Heartfelt, honest, and at times hilarious, Dr May
throws light on what happens after you go to sleep

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