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Dark Fire: Gods' Stones, #2

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Dark Fire: Gods' Stones, #2

Length: 53 pages39 minutes


“You know exactly what I’m saying.” Lea moved directly in front of him, her silver-violet eyes ablaze with unnamed emotion. She gripped the edges of his denim jacket and jerked him flush against her.

His hands spanned her hips in a failed attempt to keep them from touching. Normally, females didn’t rush him in this manner. Raider opened his mouth. Before a word escaped Lea’s lips covered his.

Shock jolted his system as her tongue thrust against his. The smooth dominance with which she moved halted all rational thoughts. Dreams from his teen years moved through his mind, teasing him with what he’d fantasized about while young and innocent.

Fingers twitched as he pulled her closer and took command of the caress. Raider barely noticed Lea hadn’t fought him for control. She relented without a sound. Did that mean something?

For the past decade, Lea Manchester lived with secrets she shared with no one, including her family. Those same secrets have now come back to haunt her and harm her family. She didn’t have time for a hot attraction, even with a warrior sent to bring her in.

Raider Silverthorne isn’t accustomed to a dominate female asserting herself without fear, ready to fight. This assignment should’ve been a normal retrieval, and then Lea kissed him. All rational thought left.

In that second, he knew she belonged to him and he wouldn’t be handing her over to the Hybrid Council.

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