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Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller - A Regency Romance

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MISS ELIZA'S GENTLEMAN CALLER is a clean, sweet Regency Romance by Marilyn Clay. Miss Eliza Foxburn is alarmed when her widower father begins courting a young lady whose father is in trade! Worse, the chit is only nineteen, just a year older than Eliza! The tendre is making her father look like an old fool. What better way to make him see reason than to encourage an impossibly older man to come courting her!

General March Huntley, a dashing officer of thirty-eight, is hardly over the hill. Back in London after Waterloo, he's making female hearts flutter and is vastly surprised when the lively Miss Eliza Foxburn asks him to call on her. When she steals a kiss, Huntley is pleased. When he learns she is only playing a foolish game, Huntley, known as Wellington's Master Strategist, plans a battle of his own: to outfox Miss Foxburn and teach her a lesson . . . in love.

"The characters and situations in this Regency are unbelievably clever and funny! I loved this book!" –Melissa Frederick.

"Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller is reminiscent of the best of Jane Austen; very well done and laugh out loud amusing! Sure to please."–Red River Reviews.

"Regency romance fans will appreciate Ms. Clay's fine craftsmanship and attention to detail" –Romantic Times.

Marilyn Clay's critically acclaimed Miss Juliette Abbott Regency-set cozy mystery series is now available in print and Ebook. MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, MURDER IN MAYFAIR, MURDER IN MARGATE, and MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK. Book 5 is coming in late 2018.

If you enjoy the clean, sweet Regencies of Candice Hern, Hanna Hamilton, Joan Smith, Charlotte Stone, and Eleanor Meyers, you'll enjoy the proper and amusing Regencies by Marilyn Clay. All are clean, wholesome and suitable for teen readers, with no strong language, graphic scenes or violence.

Look for THE WRONG MISS FAIRFAX, which debuted on a Top100 Best Selling Ebooks list! Miss Emma Fairfax and her London cousin look enough alike to be twins, although in personality they are as different as chalk and cheese. When a handsome lord meets Jemma instead of Emma, something must be done before the confused gentleman proposes to the wrong Miss Fairfax!

Marilyn Clay's historical suspense novels include DECEPTIONS: A Jamestown Novel, Catherine travels to the New World in search of her betrothed. What she finds instead nearly destroys her. 

SECRETS AND LIES: A Jamestown Novel. Four English girls go to the New World on a Bride Ship to marry settlers. Instead they find that someone in Jamestown wants them all dead! Both Jamestown novels were originally published in hardcover.

BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY, another popular historical suspense novel by Marilyn Clay, takes place in Philadelphia in 1776. Quaker Betsy Ross sets out to uncover who killed her beloved husband John Ross, but is instead drawn into the dangerous and confusing underworld of spies and double agents. Available in both print and e-book.

Multi-published author MARILYN CLAY is a highly respected historian of the English Regency. For sixteen years, she published The Regency Plume, an international newsletter covering all aspects of the 18th and early 19th centuries in English history. Back issues are still available online.

Among Marilyn Clay's non-fiction titles are three books on Regency period furniture; also HISTORY OF THE WATER CLOSET and 18th & 19th CENTURY ENGLISH WOMEN AT SEA.

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