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Nine 'Til 9

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1. Three people are about to have a very bad day. All of them different to the other. All of them destined to come together in a situation of circumstance.

2. She wakes to the a brightly lit room, her lover’s mouth inches from hers. It’s going to be a wonderful day... Her thoughts are becoming clearer now, and pierce the early morning dullness. But this man above her is not her husband. Her wrists are bound. Her life is in danger.

3. When is a thief not a thief? When he is backed into a corner and threatened. Then he kills.

4. The summer sunshine bakes the sandy shore and the face of a newly sculptured man by the small hands of a ten year old boy take shape. Something miraculous happens. The face can see, smell and taste!

5. When people first appear in the box they are confused. Slowly they come to realize why they have been brought here and their purpose. However, occasionally something goes wrong and the system must back up until that person can be expelled from the metal room and continue the life they were supposed to lead.

6. My home is a sanctuary. My wife makes me crazy. The people at the door need to die.

7. He steals and enjoys the challenge. Orphaned on the streets and left in the poorest part of the kingdom city, the boy (almost a young man) has created quite a name for himself within the lowliest of the city’s people.

8. Beer. He wants more, but he can’t see straight. He also needs to piss. The pattering of urine sings out into the night against the side of a car. In the distance he can hear someone yelling at him. Someone is coming for him.

9. Plagued by a distinct and frightful nightmare, Joshua is unable to get back to sleep. In two hours he has to get up for work. He tries to sleep again, but the scratching coming from his front door is too scary to ignore.

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