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The World of Dreams: How to Interpret Dream Symbols

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This unique book reveals a whole host of Dream Secrets dating back to ancient Greek and Roman Times. It examines this dim, dark and distant past, and explains why dream interpreters have always been considered so important throughout history. It also reviews the clear dependence of dream interpreters to notable Kings, Queens and International rulers long before, during and after battle, and the importance of similar and equally prestigious dream interpreters to the Ancient Egyptians for use with crop and flood predications, and to many other early civilizations. This an interesting, informative and easy read guide revealing the background and interpretation to many of your everyday dreams - and even nightmares! It explains how and why we dream, how often we dream, how long we dream for, and whether babies, young children or even animals dream?
It confirms why you should always record and interpret your own dreams before they are forgotten. It examines the daydream, the lucid dream, nightmares, a fear of falling, being chased, and even of appearing naked. In addition, it tackles a fear of flying, dying, de-ja-vue, and confirms why you are sometimes and unexplainably drawn back into the past with dreams about old houses, places, people, vehicles etc. The World of DREAMS provides clear explanations about food dreams, dreams about work, your boss, rooms within the house, parts of the body, murders, accidents and medical dreams etc.
This simplistic book will not only help you to easily interpret and explain your own personal and family dreams, but it can also help you make use of this unique information for a most unusual and interesting discussion with friends, relatives or work mates. This is a rare opportunity for readers to enjoy a very newsy, factual book, full of topical and unusual data that you can cherish and use time and time again whenever you feel the need to explore a probable explanation for yet another disturbed night’s sleep.

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