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An Introduction to The Five Abilities of Incredibly Successful Salespeople

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Incredibly successful sales people are naturally drawn to action and results; they thrive on the heat of the sales battle. They would rather be learning from an irate customer than reading a textbook on how to handle an irate customer. If you are drawn to results that come from the best next actions, this book is for you. It addresses the most common execution problems that sales people have to tackle every day.

As an entrepreneur, sales person, sales manager, sales executive, customer, and client, I’ve spent over 35 years working with sales people who have been incredibly successful and some who have been incredibly unsuccessful. Combining my observations and experience, I’ve created a repeatable methodology that represents the ways the best sales people address customer problems and cause decision-makers to choose their offering way more often than that of their competition.

This book doesn’t have to be read cover to cover. It might be most useful to you as a reference tool rather than a traditional book. Think of it as a pre-Internet, pre-GPS, atlas full of maps. We used to keep an atlas in our cars and use them when we needed directions to get somewhere. The Five Abilities® of Incredible Successful Sales People is a guide full of common sales problems that you face daily. It will guide you through challenges that even the most experienced sales people occasionally need help with. Things like...

•How do you build a successful value proposition?
•What does a dream customer look like?
•How do you turn objections into the best opportunities you have?

If you’re just starting out in sales, The Five Abilities is a valuable head start on developing repeatable practices that win you more business. If you’re a sales veteran, The Five Abilities will be like having beers with peers, where you remind each other of actions that help you sell more. If you’re an entrepreneur, The Five Abilities will help you tune your value proposition to attract more of the right customers. If you’re a CEO, The Five Abilities will help you see why you are a major sales asset for your people and your company.

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