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Anti-Necromancer: Smedly Mansion

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A very strange being rides in a bus, bound for the bayous of South Louisiana. The being has an appointment there.
The being doesn't raise the dead, what it does is to deal with the ghosts of the dead and also with undead creatures. When the being finishes with them, they're neither ghosts nor undead.
The being leaves the bus and then walks along a trail that winds in among tall trees, it walks in shadow most of the time.
After a bit, the being becomes aware that it's being tracked by something or someone.
The being suddenly arrives at a large, old, Victorian style house. The being has been assigned the task of remaining in the haunted house through Halloween night.
A female vampire who stalked the being, follows the being into the gloom inside the old mansion.
The female vampire proves to be the least deadly of the creatures that the being must deal with during a very busy Halloween night.
The being has his wits and what appears to be a sword, to deal with the creatures that will menace him, through the night. The sword is named Glyr and it's not actually a sword, but a living being, a demon fiercer than any that the being will face during the night.
All that the being needs to do is to survive, through the night, until dawn. However, dawn is quite a ways away.

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