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Arcadia And The Mysterious Tablet from Göbekli Tep

Length: 51 pages38 minutes


Dr. Arcadia Jones, archaeology professor and adventurer extraordinaire rescues a newly-discovered relic from a construction site in Peru. Arcadia is interested in the carvings on the stone and believes they could be the oldest such relic yet to be discovered. Her studies are interrupted, however, by a young and nervous man named James, who brings her a tablet with similar pictures and writings, claiming he recovered it from the famous Göbekli Tep site in southern Turkey, all the while being pursued by mysterious individuals.

Her investigation leads her to learn of a shadowy organization surrounding the Göbekli Tep, and she visits a former soldier who now lives behind a bar. He tells her of his encounters with what he believes is an ancient cult, and shows her documents as proof. He also tells her of a god called Angerwol, which the cult secretly worships.

Before he can tell her more, hooded men break into the room and murder the man. Arcadia escapes with her life, but not before swiping the documents. She takes them home and keeps the doors locked, but she is soon visited by James. He lays low with her while they pour over her notes, and Arcadia makes a rough translation of the tablet, which speaks of a dark and ancient mission. They are soon attacked by more robed men, and they flee into the night and into the safety of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A friend of Arcadia's helps them escape, and Arcadia and James head for a private airfield, where they will travel to Turkey, directly to the Göbekli Tep.

They are intercepted at the airport however, and cult members hijack the plane. Arcadia almost succeeds in taking control of the aircraft, but she is knocked unconscious. When they land, the Turkish government intervenes, having been alerted ahead of time. More cult members show up, however, and the men escape with James in tow. One of the Turkish soldiers turns on Arcadia, revealing himself as a cult member, and attempts to kill her. Deciding she is not safe with others, Arcadia sets off alone, stocking up in her mission to rescue James and uncover the mysteries at Göbekli Tep.

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