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Paramours Garter

Length: 346 pages5 hours


For her own safety, Reverlee Benedict must run away from her old life and completely transform into a new one. As her insurance policy, she takes the dark secrets of the Calderon family. The journey into the dark side of sex, romance, degradation, and murder reveal many secrets of the mega rich.
In her search for obscurity and anonymity she is surrounded by an unusual cast of characters - the politician - Carter Stephenson, the mogul - Dan Kohlman, the multi-millionaire thief - Cici Calderon, the lover - David Huddelson, the sex starved friend - Foxy Creminka, the protege - Jenny Nicolas, the mega movie star - Tiffany, and the small town cop - Jonathan Klinger - they all play an intricate role in turning Reverlee Benedict's world into a nightmare of assassinations and betrayal.
She encounters the explicit, raw, vivid terror of life on the edge. Her passionate romance with the newly married billionaire, David Huddelson, unfolds like a perverted puzzle. The sleepy little town - the Bay - releases a multitude of twists and turns that upset the silence of the wealthy.

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