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Successful Startup 101 Magazine: Issue 8

Length: 108 pages1 hour


In this month's issue:

* Busting the Lean Startup Myth, by Howard Tullman
* Tips from the Startup Fundraising Playbook, by Nathan Beckord
* 80 Ways to Find Your Next Big Startup Idea, by Thomas Oppong
* Entrepreneur, Fire Thyself - by Kerrie MacPherson
* 5 Podcasts Every Small Business Owner Should Consider Listening To, by Rob Marsh
* 2 Startup Expenses You Should Never Shortcut, by AJ Agrawal
* 5 Ways for Bootstrapped Startups to Get Through the First Year, by Zach Cutler
* Why Startups Sell For Millions with No Business Model, by Dev Aujla
* What Does It Mean To Lead With Trust? - by Randy Conley
* 9 Lessons From a 10-Time Startup Failure, by Eric T. Wagner
* The 14 Steps Needed to Recruit Your Early Startup Team, by Paul Ruderman
* 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Align Your Team, by Andre Lavoie
* Entrepreneurs! Take a Break: It Can Help Your Business - by Cristopher Ramirez
* The Three Bandits of Change Leadership, by Jim Haudan
* How Good Management Stifles Breakthrough Innovation, by Markus Lorenz
* Small Business Tips from a Successful Entrepreneur, by Lyve Alexis Pleshette
* Think You Know What Venture Capitalists Look For In New Start-Ups? Think Again - by Patrick Hanlon
* How to Make Your Product Look Sexy on Facebook, by Aaron Lee
* Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams, by Adriana Langford
* The Quest for the “Easy” Startup, by Tabitha Jean Naylor

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