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Laurence: The Worker

Length: 160 pages2 hours


In the final book of the Laurence triogy, 14 year-old Laurence and his family move into town as he finishes grade 8 and begins high school. The move meant that Laurence left behind his good friends, and his pets, Spot and Henrietta. His enemy Mitch returns to threaten him. Disappointments and loneliness push him towards a new group of friends who do 'exciting' things. Even though he is a hard-working young man, there is always time for mischief. Will his new friends lead him into serious trouble? A meeting with Grandpa Moses, and Dave Browning, a young man who will die in the War, and the memories of Running Bear help to protect Laurence.
The first two books are Laurence, The Champion and Laurence the Trapper.

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