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The Feeding Season

Length: 243 pages4 hours


The Fortress – the only haven for humanity is falling apart. The destructive storms that have been roaring across the surface of the planet for centuries have caused irreparable damage to the ancient structure. Now the population of the Fortress is living in misery and deprivation.

With the ever-present danger of overpopulation and with the occurrence of an epidemic a few centuries ago, a special law was introduced for all the 17 year-old boys. Since then, every year at the beginning of the Feeding Season, the Descent happens, which main goal is to decrease the general population of the Fortress.

Now it’s Bars turn along with his mates to leave the safety of their only home and roam about the dangerous surface of the Earth, fighting for their life, crammed into survival suits constructed of useless garbage. If they survive long enough, they have a chance of returning to the Fortress as Heroes, but their way back to is fraught with unexpected challenges and trials that aren't even mentioned in the ancient books.

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