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Zappers of Sneldegar (The Soul Alliance, #3)

1,420 pages22 hours


Slick and Slime have been the only two greens in Chanulville for more than forty years, but their past has always been kept in secret. When Slick’s green Defender crystal and the red crystal on Mick’s orb summoner start sending them into strange trances about their childhood, they can tell that something bad is going to happen.

As the Soul Alliance pursues the magical Rings of Bubblash in the wilderness areas of Chanulville, Roger Torrents, Israel Mckinley, and Hazel Adelobra also set out on a quest to understand Slick and Mick’s visions. As they uncover the events surrounding Mick’s arrival in Chanulville and the cryptic history of the green Chanulanos, they can only hope that the touching past of Mick, Slick, and Slime doesn’t lead to a more fatal future.

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